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Electrolysis for Salons/Clinics

Did you know that electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal? You may think you have heard that about laser or IPL but look again and you’ll notice they only offer permanent reduction.

It’s the only method of hair removal that can treat any combination of hair colours and skin tones. It can also be used alongside other hair removal methods for a comprehensive treatment plan.

That’s why forward-thinking salons/clinics are finding that adding electrolysis to their treatment menu can dramatically increase their hair removal revenues and many salons are reintroducing electrolysis after realising that laser does not completely meet their clients needs.

Electrolysis is also an effective and proven method of removing a variety of unwanted skin conditions including warts, milia, red veins, age spots and many more.

Proficient and skilled electrologists are hard to find, so once a client discovers one they can rely on, they will stay loyal and be keen to recommend their services.

By adding electrolysis to your treatments, you can expect to attract new clientele, upsell to your existing clients and increase trust by helping your clients to overcome uncomfortable or unsightly issues that have affected their confidence.  


Potential Additional Revenue


per 15 min treatment


per day based on typical 16 treatments


per week based on 80 treatments


additional revenue per year (based on 48 weeks)

Why should your salon choose Sterex?

Permanent hair removal training at L3 for all hair and skin colours

Offer the only permanent method of hair removal

Sterex Advanced Electrolysis and ACP courses

Blemish removal training at L4 and L5

Tried and trusted training since 1985

Cost per treatment £3

Investment costs recouped after just 60 treatments (based on net set up costs)


Brilliant!  I feel really confident having not practiced for 2 years.  Sterex get 10 out of 10 for amount and content of practical demonstrations given, practical experience I gained, individual attention shown, course content and value for money.  10 out of 10 also for organisation and administration at Sterex HQ, the general support in processing enquiries and the training venue and refreshments.

Kayleigh Westwood , SX-B Blend Training

Everything was really wonderfully executed.  Thank you all so very much.  I am very confident with the theory content and will be able to offer so many more services.

Rachel Fox, Advanced Cosmetic Procedure

The course covered all aspects on electrolysis.  Very informative and very friendly and helpful staff.  Very approachable and encouraging. Thank you.  I have better understanding of hairs that can be treated and expected outcomes.  Treatment procedure the recommend aftercare products and I am very confident and can’t wait to do more.

Faye Tonkinson, Blend Training

It has been many years since I have practised electrolysis and the training was thorough & informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out the treatment and with Sterex guidance felt confident and what I was doing.

Amy Long
174 Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AP