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Diathermy for Podiatrists

Verrucas. One of life’s frustrations that cause your patients pain and discomfort and can be a real challenge to safely and permanently remove.

The medical field has been using diathermy to remove warts, verruca and other fibrous blemishes for over 100 years and Sterex has been delivering training in these techniques since the mid 1980s.

Diathermy techniques treat verrucas by breaking down the superficial dead and diseased skin then treats deeper into the verruca which releases the virus into the blood stream for the autoimmune system to fight. Treatment can result in other verrucas spontaneously resolving.

The Sterex SX-T machine and diathermy treatment techniques are an extremely cost effective inclusion to any Podiatrist’s treatment menu.

Potential Additional Revenue


per verucca treatment


per day based on 2 treatments


per week based on 10 treatments


additional revenue per year (based on 48 weeks)

Why should you choose Sterex?

Cost effective, diathermy method to treat verrucas

On-site training with purchase

Tried and trusted training since 1985

Compact and lightweight equipment

Cost per treatment £3

Investment costs recouped after just 25 treatments (based on net set up costs)


Diathermy is precise application of electricity causing electro-desiccation of the Verruca tissue. Although there is an element of pain, it is no way has bad as cryotherapy and in about 75% of cases, only one treatment is required.

Tony Munday BSc (Hons) CPS (Sports Pod) (MChS)

In the past year, after I addressed my technique and approach, I have treated 3 additional patients (not in the initial cohort) whose verrucae went after 1 or 2 sessions of diathermy giving a 100% resolution rate. With training and experience I believe diathermy to be a great tool in the field of foot healthcare.

Lynsey Howarth BSc (Hons) McPod HCPC
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