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Diathermy for Dentists

Giving patients long-term solutions to issues that have been causing them discomfort or making them feel self-conscious is a fundamental and rewarding part of your role as a dentist.

As a trusted expert in the structure of the face and your experience of working with needles, there is real potential for you to provide even greater value to your patients and create a healthy new revenue stream by introducing blemish removal to your practice.

Diathermy can be used to reduce or remove a plethora of unwanted skin blemishes, including red veins, skin tags, age spots, sebaceous cysts, moles and many more.

Many dental practices are experiencing significant financial growth since adding blemish removal to their services.

Potential Additional Revenue


per Blemish Removal treatment


per day based on 2 treatments


per week based on 10 treatments


additional revenue per year (based on 48 weeks)

Why should your dental practice choose Sterex?

Meeting patients’ needs by offering sought after blemish removal treatments

Cost per treatment £3

Initial investment recouped after just 11 treatments (based on net set up costs)

Training available at L4 and L5

Tried and trusted training since 1985.




I am an ophthalmic surgeon by profession and have an aesthetic surgery and non surgical cosmetic business for the past 14 years.  I have attended hundreds of courses and workshops in the past 20 years or so and I am pleased to say this one was the most beneficial to me.

Dr P K Bhatnagar, Advanced Cosmetic Procedure

I would recommend Sterex training as being extremely beneficial to all aesthetic primary care nurses.  Outstanding and thorough training given/excellent manuals.

Shirley Nicol, Director and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

 Medical professionals often think ‘beauty’ courses are ‘dumbed down’ but this was as good as any nursing course.  The A & P in the manual was very well explained and diagrams brilliant. 

Fiona Taylor, Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Cosmetic Procedure
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