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Who are Sterex?

It seems hard to believe that the very first electrolysis treatment was carried out to treat in-growing eyelashes way back in 1869. Electrolysis continued to innovate with the introduction of diathermy and later blend methods and has been clinically-proven as the only method of permanent hair removal.

In 1982, Sterex revolutionised electrolysis when we invented the first ever sterile single-use electrolysis needles. Since then, the Sterex name has become synonymous with quality and innovation in electrolysis.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range of one-piece and two-piece sterex needles; epilators across all modalities; and must-have pre-treatment solutions and aftercare products.

Sterex is also world-renowned as a leader and pioneer of electrolysis training and education. We also work in partnership with dentists, podiatrists, medical aestheticians and beauty salons to provide electrolysis hair and blemish removal treatments..

What we do


Quality, customer care and education is what Sterex is known for and we are proud to be highly respected for both our extensive manufacturing product portfolio and all-embracing training offering.

Sterex needle quality: Sterex have ISO 13485:2016 demonstrating conformity to an accredited medical device quality management system. Sterex needles are classed by the MHRA and the FDA as a medical device.


In the past year, after I addressed my technique and approach, I have treated 3 additional patients (not in the initial cohort) whose verrucae went after 1 or 2 sessions of diathermy giving a 100% resolution rate. With training and experience I believe diathermy to be a great tool in the field of foot healthcare.

Lynsey Howarth BSc (Hons) McPod HCPC

Diathermy is precise application of electricity causing electro-desiccation of the Verruca tissue. Although there is an element of pain, it is no way has bad as cryotherapy and in about 75% of cases, only one treatment is required.

Tony Munday BSc (Hons) CPS (Sports Pod) (MChS)
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