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Be beach ready with electrolysis

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Summer is coming and with it all of the pressures to be ‘beach body ready’.

Magazines and TV programmes will soon turn their focus to this season’s latest skimpier items and you may have a holiday booked where you will need to get those legs out!

After a cosy winter covering up unwanted body hair, now is the time to start thinking about saying goodbye for good. Shaving, hair removal cream, laser treatments and waxing can all give you short term results, but electrolysis is the only way to achieve permanent hair removal.

Imagine a summer of complete freedom from hair removal and then times that feeling by a lifetime!

Other hair removal methods can offer permanent reduction of hair e.g. waxing or IPL but only Electrolysis can offer complete and permanent removal.

IPL and Laser are useful as tools to reduce hair over large body areas and can be combined with Electrolysis to fully remove all hair. Electrolysis is suitable for use on more sensitive areas of the body such as the face, underarms and groin it is not harmful to the skin and can target even light hairs.

If you are dreaming of a lifetime of hair-free summers then you need to get organised and act before it’s time to hit the beach. You will need several treatments to achieve the final result, skin will be sensitive immediately after treatment and should not be exposed to the sun for long periods until it has calmed down.

A trained electrolysis professional will be able to give you all the advice you need and create a personalised treatment plan that takes your holiday plans into account.

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