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Trans Electrolysis with Tina Sinclair

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Electrolysis for the transgender community

Tina Sinclair: http://tinasinclair.com/trans-electrolysis/

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“I’ve been a model for Tina on the Sterex Transgender Course since February 2009 where, as lead consultant, she demonstrated genital electrolysis on me for Professionals to learn about Trans clients and practice on the areas that need hair removal prior to (GRS) gender reassignment surgery. I’ve also been a model for my local College and have had a lot of professional’s work on me but I have to say that Tina is without doubt outstanding. Tina has worked on me both facial and genital. I passionately recommend her to everyone especially Trans girls. I’ve never come across anyone who knows more about electrolysis than Tina. She knows everything about our care pathway, funding, timescale and most importantly electrolysis at its best. I wish her all the best for the future and keep up the good work. Thanks for everything” … Jo

” I am having electrolysis for facial hair as a key stage of MTF transition. I recommend Tina Sinclair wholeheartedly to other trans women. Tina is highly experienced, has created a clear treatment plan for me, and has fair rates for what is a highly specialized skill.
Five stars. The treatment I am having is part of a highly personal journey, and Tina creates the perfect blend of professional and personal support. ”
TN 19.07.2017 

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