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Electrolysis for Transgender Clients

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By Penny Turvey  – Specialist Electrologist – Birmingham –
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As an electrologist who specialises in electrolysis for the transgender community, offering this treatment is rewarding for me and my clients.

Transgender clients find it difficult having to deal with facial hair removal on a daily basis. Trying to disguise the hair growth under makeup can be a challenge and being able to manage the growth whilst at work or socialising can prove to be difficult.

Although it can be time consuming electrolysis offers long term permanent hair removal. Something that no other method can accurately state. Another bonus is that electrolysis is suitable for all hair colours and skin types. This is an important factor if some of the facial hair is grey or white.

Carried out by a qualified electrologist there is no risk of scarring or damage to the skin.

Many of my transgender clients require hair removal on the surgical site.

Electrolysis on this area is very important as the area must be completely hair free before the consultant surgeon agrees to go ahead with the surgery.

Depending on the amount of hair requiring removal, electrolysis may take at least a couple of years, so the sooner electrolysis can be started the better.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about this area being treated. You will be treated by an experienced electrologist who is specially trained to carry out the treatment. You will be made to feel comfortable and the treatment performed in a discreet and professional manner.

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