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Age spot prevention and treatment

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Whatever we call them, sun spots, liver spots, brown spots, cafe au lait spots, hyper-pigmentation, lentigines or age spots, they are generally considered cosmetically unattractive. 

Age spot… the very name is indicative of getting older and less attractive.

These mottled marks that can spoil our complexion are not just down to age, however, and are usually payback for years of sun-drenched holidays and SPF-less sunbathing.  UV exposure sends dark-pigment-producing melanocyte cells into overdrive, and the melanin they make clusters into dark spots.

Usually age spots are harmless, appearing as flat, brown patches of discolouration on the skin, most often on the back of the hands, neck and face of people above the age of 40. 

They are not contagious and not usually serious or dangerous.  However it is wise to have them checked by a doctor if any are irregular, increase in size or change in colour, texture, itch or bleed.

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Age spots can be prevented by using a high quality sun block or products containing a high factor SPF. Other things that will help are following a healthy diet, no smoking and minimal alcohol. 

Antioxidants help prevent cellular damage from free radicals and increasing the amount of antioxidant foods in the diet will decrease cellular damage.  

A diet rich in vegetables, vitamins C and E (in fresh fruits and vegetables), selenium (in wheat germ), flavonoids (in blueberries, blackberries and cherries) and sulfur-containing amino acids (in legumes, eggs, garlic and onions) may also help.  

Preventing excessive free radicals, including fried and grilled foods, rancid fats, solvents, pesticides, air pollutants, radiation and petroleum based products may also help. 

While all of this might help or delay the appearance of age spots they may still appear due to the natural ageing of the cells.


Electrolysis age spot treatment is a quick, effective and easy method of dark spot removal.  A fine electrolysis probe is inserted just under the surface of the age spot and a current is applied to very gently peel off the very top layer of pigmentation on the skin.

A tiny test area is initially treated to see whether the dark spot goes too deep into the dermal layer of the skin.  If it is only superficial then treatment can go ahead and is usually extremely successful.

If the dark spot is deeper, further age spot removal treatment on that particular mark using electrolysis will be unsuccessful. 

Age spot removal treatment using electrolysis causes little or no bleeding and only a sensation of slight stinging during treatment is experienced.  A scab will form which will heal and eventually fall away leaving good, non blemished skin underneath.

Want to have your age spots removed with electrolysis? Find a qualified electrologist here.

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