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Ask the Expert...


1. Are the models provided for training or do I need to bring someone with me?

2. Can this activity be covered by normal BABTAC insurance - just know that I have been trained not to work on any area that is red - genitals not actually mentioned.

3. During the Transgendered training course, will I be performing electrolysis on the genital area?

4. How do I get Transgendered clients for my business?

5. How does electrolysis differ when treating a Transgendered client?

6. I am already qualified in Electrolysis so why do I need to enrol on a Transgendered course?

7. I am interested in attending the Transgendered Electrolysis Course with Sterex but how do I get the clientele?

8. I have been contacted by a client that is transitioning from male to female and requires Electrolysis prior to their surgery. Is there any advice on how to approach this?

9. What is meant exactly by hair removal on "ALL" body parts?

10. When performing a treatment on the genital area do I ask for someone to be in the room at the same time, not sure this is feasible, keen to know how this is dealt with to protect me and my clients.


1. Sterex work closely with the local transgendered community and provide the models for all areas of treatment. Although our clients are there primarily for electrolysis they do also feedback to us about life as a transgendered person. This is added value to the fundamental learning and understanding of this specialism.


2. The area is not a mucous membrane therefore it is treatable. Prior to treatment it is always advisable to double check the wording of your insurance policy first. Sterex offer a Transgendered Electrolysis course and on completion the practitioner will be issued with a certificate.


3. The practical sessions for the Transgendered Course provide models for the genital area. Full training, guidance and support are provided at all times. The models have undergone a thorough full consultation prior to training. You have the choice if you feel that you would like to concentrate on facial electrolysis only.


4. The informative manual produced by Sterex is over 100 pages long. Included within the manual is a section for Specialist Organisations. Sterex offer guidance on how to promote your services to the Transgendered community and also offer you the opportunity to appear on the ‘Find a Salon’ link on the Sterex website. Each successful candidate will be highlighted with a ‘TG logo’ for potential clientele to see.


5. Facial electrolysis is in many ways very similar. The only way it can differ is by the amount of coarse terminal hair that needs to be treated therefore accurate treatment planning is required. The genitalia treatment varies greatly as the depth of insertion and skin type is very unusual compared to other treatable areas. Correct planning and preparation for this delicate area is imperative to obtain desired results whilst avoiding both physical and emotional trauma for the client. The Sterex course covers both practical and theoretical elements for the genital area.


6. Transgendered electrolysis is a very specialist subject area. Many insurance companies are requesting certification for this specific treatment to offer cover for treating areas such as the genitals. Please check with your own insurance provider.
The Sterex Transgendered course is very informative featuring lectures on gender dysphoria, consultation techniques for the transgendered client, treatment planning along with a talk and group discussion from a representative within the transgendered community.


7. Promoting your specialist services is on the training agenda and will be discussed during the course. Following the course your details can appear on the Sterex website as a recommended practitioner. The Sterex website is viewed by the consumer as they search for their nearest electrolysist.


8. Sterex have launched a one-day Transgender Electrolysis Course to train experienced electrolysists in this specific area. The course is comprised of both practical and theory sessions educating electrolysists on communication skills and professional ethics. For further information please see the training link on the website or alternatively call the training department 0121 708 2404.


9. The Sterex course provides both theoretical and practical elements to the Transgendered training.
    Aims & Objectives:

  • For students to be introduced to gender dysphoria and the life journey of the transgender client
  • Students to be aware of the importance of, and be able to carry out a complete consultation procedure for the transgender client, including medical etiquette, patient approach, contra-indications and thorough record keeping
  • Students understanding of causes of hair growth and its removal refreshed
  • Students to be aware of sterilisation procedures and Public Health & Government requirements, necessary for Specialist Electrolysis
  • Students, with demonstrational guidance to practically perform all face and body treatment according to the prescribed range
  • Students to gain further practical experience of specialised electrolysis on upper and lower body
  • To successfully demonstrate treatment of all specialist electrolysis in accordance with the prescribed range
  • To successfully complete the Sterex Specialist Electrolysis course written theory test



10. When a transgender client decides they want the full transformation from male into female they require electrolysis for potentially all body areas. When the surgeon performs the gender reassignment surgery they will use part of the base of the penis and the scrotum to fashion a new vagina. They will not perform this surgery until the client has had electrolysis treatment (usually about a year+ of electrolysis) and the area is free from hair as infections can occur within the new vagina if it is not free from hair. The only method surgeons often accept is electrolysis as it is the only permanent method of hair removal. Therefore genitalia is what we mean by all body areas....(however TG clients often require hands, fingers, toes, chest and other areas). This is why Sterex introduced the first Transgendered Electrolysis training course. Not only do we want to help this minority group find sympathetic practitioners who are prepared to treat them but we want to help electrolysists overcome any embarrassment or awkwardness. Sterex can assure you the whole subject and course is carried out in the highest professional manner.


11. Pre-Requisites of the Sterex course are:

  • Students to have a full qualification in Electrolysis
  • Students to have a thorough understanding of skin structure, function and conditions including knowledge of skin diseases and disorders
  • Students to have a thorough understanding of the hair, its structure and composition, its growth cycle and types
  • Students to have a thorough understanding of the endocrine system, its hormones and effects on hair growth



12. It is not required by law unless the client is a minor. Having someone else in the room is a personal matter for you to decide.