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Sterex Training Testimonials

“Elaine is a true expert in using electrolysis for Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. In the seven years I have known Elaine, she has completely changed my treatment of patients with many skin conditions. Using her techniques surgery, scars and stitches are avoided giving the patients a simpler treatment with far better results”.
Prof. Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen) FCPhleb Consultant

“As an experienced cosmetic Doctor who has trained under the world’s most renowned cosmetic practitioners I found Elaine’s teaching most professional and her work of a very high standard”.
Dr Annelize Meyer GP
The Bosham Clinic

“Elaine has a wealth of experience not only as a leader in her teaching field but as a diagnostician. She delivers a safe and skilled service in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions”.
Dr S Wood MBChB

“This is my second training course with Sterex and I am very impressed with the quality of the training and efficiency of the day generally.  The training staff are lovely and I would come again.  I am happy to go ahead with treatment at this point and will do things differently as a result of my training.  I am very confident with both the theory content and with my new skills”. 
Dr Ali Brook Blend 10.9.12

“All members of training staff are very professional and experienced practitioners.  Well organised venue, reliable models who were co operative and well trained.  Really enjoyed learning a new skill”.
Dr G Tschoepe ACP 29.10.12

“The course content reflected what was advertised and fulfilled my learning objectives.  It was excellent”.  
Dr Steffi Miosga ACP 12.8.13

“I am an ophthalmic surgeon by profession and have an aesthetic surgery and non surgical cosmetic business for the past 14 years.  I have attended hundreds of courses and workshops in the past 20 years or so and I am pleased to say this one was the most beneficial to me”.
 Dr P K Bhatnagar ACP 13.8.13

 “Medical professionals often think ‘beauty’ courses are ‘dumbed down’ but this was as good as any nursing course.  The A & P in the manual was very well explained and diagrams brilliant”.  
Fiona Taylor Nurse Practitioner ACP 13.8.13

“Found the course very good.  Theory side was excellent and prepared us well for the practical.  Good amount of hands on experience and I feel confident in the techniques I have learnt”.
Laura Hatton Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner ACP 30.7.13

“Will recommend.  Highly informative.  Great practical.  Loved it!!”
Sue Burge Nurse Practitioner ACP 01.10.13

“Excellent course.  I will send some of my staff to do the course, plus I’ll be back to do the Refresher day in February.”
Marsha Harman Nurse Practitioner ACP 01.10.13

“I would recommend Sterex training as being extremely beneficial to all aesthetic primary care nurses.  An absolute must to any practitioner embarking on treating skin using chemical peels or MCD as a treatment modality.  Outstanding and thorough training given/excellent manuals.”
Shirley Nicol, Director and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner ACP 16.12.13

“Would definitely recommend Sterex training.  Great attention to detail.  Excellent written information.”
Alison Taylor, Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, Member of the Royal College of Nursing ACP 16.12013

“Makes you much more aware of skin blemishes.  Will think twice before attempting any reductions in appearance.  Enjoyed watching closely and being talked through each new procedure.  Level of training was aimed well at both medical and beauty therapists.”
Mairi Macleod, Registered Nurse ACP 16.12.13

“Having completed my ACP training with Sterex, I am so excited to begin using
my new skills. There isn't another course quite like the one offered by
Sterex, and the wealth of information is second to none.

As a nurse I was unfamiliar with the different currents and operation of
the machine, but both Elaine and Carolyn where extremely helpful and patient
with ensuring I knew what I was doing!!

The training - although intense - was very informative and friendly. The
manual given at the course will be your bible to take into practice with

I cannot speak highly enough of Elaine, whose knowledge and expertise knows
no bounds. Both warm and professional, Elaine is always available to offer advice and support both during the training and after completing the course”.
Hannah Ashworth RGN

“Excellent knowledge from Tutors.  They are real experts in this industry.  Really enjoyed the course….. it was fantastic training”.
Amanda Jane Hewlett RGN Nurse Independent Prescriber

“The content of the course was excellent.  A really informative day for someone who hasn’t touched a needle for 20 years.  Now fired with enthusiasm.  Lovely small & informal group.  Great instruction.  Excellent really enjoyed it, many thanks”.
Laura Spencer Lecturer Training 14.2.12

“Excellent course best I have attended in a long time and your materials will be referred to constantly and be reassuring.  Thank you to your team.
I was really pleased that trainers did not sign off competency until they felt we had mastered techniques.....”.
Maureen Beirne ACP 26.11.12

“I always thoroughly enjoy coming on training courses at Sterex. Always very informative and interesting.  I feel very confident with the theory and with my new skills”.
Sarah Cox Transgendered Course 20.11.12

“Thank you so much for such an enjoyable 2 days. I learnt lots and feel confident and I am excited to get started.   The course reflected what was advertised, all the material covered was relevant and it fulfilled my learning objectives”.
Tracy ONeill Transgendered Course 20.11.12

“Really loved the course, always as good as expectations! Thank you.  I feel very confdident and look forward to marketing this and starting this ‘journey’ I think this 2 days course is perfect and would definitely receommend this training to others”. 
Janet Dale Evans Transgendered Course 19.11.12

“It has been many years since I have practiced electrolysis and the training was thorough & informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out the treatment and with Sterex guidance felt confident and what I was doing”.
Amy Long 2.01.12

“Everything was brilliant, I feel really confident”.
Meghan McErlean 11.6.12  

“In a few hours my confidence and knowledge has vastly improved and I really feel ready to work on clients.  My confident was Zero before.  The course rated excellent in the amount of practical demonstrations, the amount of practical experience I gained, the individual attention that was shown”.
M L McCleave Blend 11.6.12

“The course covered all aspects on electrolysis.  Very informative and very friendly and helpful staff.  Very approachable and encouraging. Thank you.  I have better understanding of hairs that can be treated and expected outcomes.  Treatment procedure the recommend aftercare products and I am very confident and can’t wait to do more”.  
Faye Tonkinson Flexi Blend 6.8.12

“I am very happy with the training and I feel confident I will use the techniques I have picked up as a result of this training”.
Caira Blend 6.8.12  

“Elaine is a wealth of knowledge and I have found the course to be all I anticipated it would be.  I have got a lot out of the two day course and will be back to do ‘Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’ in order to extend my knowledge of electrolysis and teaching and learning in the FE sector and to add to my passion for electrolysis.  The course was a good mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning during 2 days”.  
Natasha Creasy Blend 5.10.12  

“Great course – lots of hands on treatments which is better as you can see and learn.  The course was very informative and well structured and the material covered was very detailed and informative”. 
H Sabir Advanced 16.7.12  

“EXCELLENT!  Huge gain in confidence.  Thank you”.  
K Roberts Blend 23.1.12  

“I love coming to Sterex, your all so knowledgeable and I love picking your brains”.
Nicola Snowball lecturer Workshop 24.8.12
“The course was extremely informative and very indepth and will guide me so many more treatments to offer.  The name ‘Sterex’ trained is a great help as it is a professional and high esteemed name in the industry. I would very much recommend this training to others”.
Julia Farcia ACP 15.8.12 

“Really enjoyed the course and it went quickly.  The trainer made it fun.  I found the course very informative and all the material covered was relevant and fulfilled my learning objectives”.
Samantha Smith Advanced 17.7.12

“Brilliant!  Very, very good trainers showing everything including procedures on how to do proper steps on.  The course is very comprehensive in knowledge both in theory and practice.  The trainer is absolutely so knowledgeable and welcome in manner and extremely patient to make sure the students catch up on everything.  So many lesions can be treatment with these techniques which opens the options to clients and electrologists”. Jun Li Yao ACP 2.4.12

“Everything was really wonderfully executed.  Thank you all so very much .  I am very confident with the theory content and will be able to offer so many more services”.
Rachel Fox ACP 25.6.12

“The training at Sterex is always excellent and thorough.  It’s great to have the peace of mind of working with such a professional, ever evolving treatment.   The venue is fab”.
Rebecca Mihalceanu ACP Refresher 16.1.12

“Trainer was lovely, very approachable. Very good at passing over the theory/practical information.  I have enjoyed training at Sterex and hope that I can come back again for more!”.
J.L. McDougall Blend 23.1.12

“Brilliant!  I feel really confident having not practiced for 2 years.  Sterex get 10 out of 10 for amount and content of practical demonstrations given, practical experience I gained, individual attention shown, course content and value for money.  10 out of 10 also for organisation and administration at Sterex HQ, the general support in processing enquiries and the training venue and refreshments”.
Kayleigh Westwood Blend 23.1.12

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was surprised how I enjoyed doing the different techniques once I got started and how addictive it was.  The most interesting part was how many conditions can be treated and how quickly confidence grew once techniques practised”.  
Lisa Bevis ACP 16.8.11

“Really enjoyed the course.  Feel my skills are improved.  It was very valuable to learn more about TG society is evolving in acceptance of different people and it s important to keep current.  Thank you so much”.
June Howard Transgendered Course 9.8.11

“Yet another fabulous Sterex course.  Staff as always helpful, knowledgeable positive and chirpy.  Venue great and models fantastic”.
Gillian Fisher Blend 28.11.11

“Thank you for a valuable and very interesting day”.
Tracy O’Neill 28.11.11

“The most interesting thing was finding out how much we could actually treat.  The course was good value for money”. 
Claire Carlisle ACP 3.2.11

“Elaine expertise!  Fantastic course”.
Lisa Thomson ACP 3.2.11

“Many thanks.  I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.  8 students – 2 lecturers..... great!”.
Sukaina Walji ACP 3.2.11

“The variety of conditions and excellent models was the most interesting.  I felt the time we had was used to its full potential”. 
Gillian Evans ACP 3.2.11

“10 out of 10 for everything.  Everything was brilliant”.
Shirley Jenkins Blend 14.11.11

“Very enjoyable informative day.  Many thanks”.
 Jo Lancaster Blend 14.11.11 

“Very informative and enjoyable”.
Janet Bayes Blend 14.11.11

“An excellent course.  Trainer was informative, very knowledgeable in the subject and supportive during practical sessions”.
Clare Taylor Blend 14.11.11

“Sam was very knowledgeable friendly and approachable patient.  The trainer made me feel relaxed and confident”. 
Julia Wallis Blend 20.6.11

“The trainers was excellent and very helpful 10 out of 10 for course content”.
Isabel Bel Brown Blend 20.6.11

“I really enoyed today’s course.  I thought Caroline has been a brilliant teacher and has helped me through any queries I’ve had.  Thank you”.
Amelia Bryan Blend 22.8.11

“A really useful course.  Trainer was very helpful and informative.  Looking forward to getting sorted and returning for the advanced course.  Thanks”.
J Badrock Blend 22.8.11

“Trainer was very informative and helpful with all aspects of the course.   She is full of knowledge and confidence in her job.  Theory was very interesting.  It was a great refresher course.   Food was excellent!”.
Katie Dutton Blend 26.9.11

“Everything was perfect!”.
Elzbieta Lipska ACP 16.8.11

“The most interesting thing was the range of treatments and conditions.  Excellent venue”.
Louise Philpott ACP 15.8.13

“All of the course was interestin especially skin tag removal method !  The tutors were friendly and informative”.
Samantha Rayment ACP 18.7.11

“Very professional and well presented !  Elaine made it very clear with demonstrations  and I found all of it fascinating”.
Jennifer Clarke ACP 19.7.11

“Training received was excellent.  Carolyn was very informative and able to answer all questions as well as provide advice on how to improve technique.  The entre was very helpful when enquiring about the course and also provided good directions and information”.
Rebecca Dale Blend 15.4.13

“Great day – wonderful!  Lovely mix of theory and practical.  Amazing resources to take away.  Great to have interaction with Elaine. All staff friendly and supportive.  I really enjoy coming to Sterex.  Thanks for all of your help!”.  
F Innes Blend 22.3.13

“The course was incredibly helpful to me.  Carolyn really understood my weaknesses and helped me to improve my technique.  An excellent day.    Thank you so much”. 
Elizabeth Heath Blend 8.7.13

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the training.  Carolyn our trainer was knowledgeable, understanding patient and professional”.
R Thompson Advanced Electrolysis 29.1.13

“Very informative training that I would recommend.  Elaine very enthusiastic about the profession”.
P Reynolds Lecturer Training 5.9.13

“Great course!  I think we all enjoyed it.  It was presented to us in a very professional manner”.
N Beck ACP 18.6.13

“Excellent. Fantastic.  Nervous but excited.  Loved the course and trainers.... can’t wait to get started”.
Kay Cooper ACP 14.8.13

“Training and experience is second to none.  Elaine is highly professional.  Her knowledge and expertise reflect in her excellent teaching.  Thank you”.
Fiona Vipond ACP Refresher 11.2.13

“Loved the course, its content is fab.  Many thanks for making me a  more competent practitioner.  Everything was excellent”.
Kim Moran ACP Refresher 7.1.13

“A lot of information and skill to learn in 2 days but I enjoyed every moment and feel confident to help clients with what I have learnt thank you”.
Marion Jones ACP 23.4.13

“Fantastic day. Thank you.  Much needed and feel more confident now”.
Dawn Bayfield ACP Refresher

"I would certainly recommend this course."
Claudia McGloin ACP Refresher

“Excellent training and support.  Thank you”.
Nicola Webster ACP Refresher 08.03.13

“This should be a mandatory course for all Lecturers.”
Eliza Eabry Loughborough College Lecturer Workshop

“Fantastic content.  I certainly feel more confident and comfortable teaching the unit now – Thank you.”
Francesca Wilkins Peterborough Regional College Lecturer Workshop 05.09.13

“A really informative day for someone who hasn’t touched a needle for 20 years.  Now fired up with enthusiasm.  Lovely small and informal group,  great instruction.  Excellent, really enjoyed it.  Many thanks.”
Laura Spencer Deeside College Lecturer Workshop 14.12.13

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and always learn new things and techniques every time.”
Sue Louiti Transgendered  Course 06.08.13

“I completed the VTCT course with you in October 2010.  I have since recruited 2 members of staff who are currently on an apprentice scheme, studying L2 beauty therapy.  I want the 2 girls to study with Sterex for their electrolysis and not a local college.”
Nichola Carroll VTCT

“Workshop was very informative, relevant and enjoyable.  Very good day, motivated all learners, gave them all more confidence.  Thank you.”
Nescott College Educational Day

“The day boosts the students confidence and is very beneficial.”
Oldham College Educational Day

“I think the workshop was pitched just right.  A really enjoyable informative session.  Thank you very much.”
Karma Academy Educational Day

“The day was useful as it confirmed to the students that they did have the knowledge and so gave them confidence.”
Weymouth College Educational Day

“It was fabulous, very motivating.”
Paula Jennings Blend 20.08/13

“In a few hours my confidence and knowledge has vastly improved and I really feel ready to work on clients.  My confidence was zero before.  Thank you!”
Mandy Mclieffe Blend 11.06.12

“I would definitely recommend.  Trainer has been brilliant.”
Lisa Jamieson Advanced Electrolysis 29/01/13

“I am a highly experienced aesthetics nurse practitioner and pleased to add to my repertoire of fillers and Botox the more unusual cosmetic procedures using electrolysis.  Sterex training has expanded my portfolio of treatments and enhanced my commercial status.”
Jan Geary ACP 27.11.12

“Would definitely recommend... especially found 2nd day most educational.”
Belinda Campbell Electrolysis Refresher 20.08.13

“Excellent course....excellent staff.  Thank you very much”
Joanne Redbourne ACP 01.10.13

“Wonderful training.  Very informative and professional.  Thank you.”
Susan Mitchell ACP 01.10.13

“Everything was excellent.  The trainer was very knowledgeable & I learnt alot even though I have been trained for 20 years.  Many thanks.”
N Jackson Blend Refresher 18.10.13

“Really enjoyed the training and the small tips which are useful for teaching.”
Karen Agnes Lecturer Workshop 22.10.13

“Would definitely recommend Elaine to anyone who wishes to be trained or updated.”
Jynette Roche Lecturer Workshop 22.10.13

“Elaine thoroughly explained & demonstrated the ACP Procedures.  A worthwhile refresher & an enjoyable informative day.”
Carol Laskey ACP Refresher 25.10.13

“I was nervous after finishing the first part of the course, now I feel more confident and understand a lot more after doing this third day. Definitely an important day.”
Kay Cooper

“I am a Podiatrist and Electrologist in South Wales and completed the ACP Course to expand my treatments on verrucas in particular.  I have been using diathermy method on all my verruca patients over the last year and have found that I only use this method instead of cryotherapy and acids as it works on first treatment at 98% success rate.  The Après Clear Cream, I give to patients as part of the aftercare heals the area.”
Tracy Gill MSC Podiatry, IHBC Masters, FSSCH, MBCHA, Dippod Med.
ACP Refresher 25.10.13

“Elaine was a fantastic trainer.  I would highly recommend this course she was very knowledgeable.  I would love to work for her one day. Fantastic.”
Suki Hothi Advanced Electrolysis  5.11.13

“When I enrolled for the ACP course I was slightly apprehensive because I was making an expensive investment and would I come away with the confidence to use the skills I had learned. I can’t emphasise enough how important it was to me to have a good tutor.  Elaine Stoddart was amazing, she was so professional and explained procedures to the letter, instilled confidence in all the delegates and made this new level of learning fun and easy to understand.  I was a mature student when I became a level 3 beauty therapist 10 years ago and I can honestly say that I had 3 great teachers who inspired me to follow my dream.  Elaine your up there with them THANK YOU.”
June Laing (Staffordshire) ACP Course

“Thank you for a useful, helpful and friendly course and ongoing support.”
Hannah Ashwell ACP Course 25.11.13

“I would highly recommend the training to others. I would love to come back and do the refresher very soon.”
Michelle Warren ACP Course 25.11.13

“This course was so amazing don’t change a thing.”
Melanie Hayden ACP Course 25.11.13

“ Very enjoyable and informative. A good training course.”
Harriet Sharman ACP Course 25.11.13

“I have been on many courses, i.e. semi permanent make-up and other aesthetic courses and this has been far the best.  Extremely professional trainers that are extremely knowledgeable and very approachable and friendly.  I can honestly say that I feel I can pick up the phone at any time if I have a problem in the future.  I will definitely come back for refresher courses.”
Jennifer Elliott ACP Course 16/12/13

“Both Elaine and Carolyn were very hands on and would answer any questions at any time. Their real life experiences they passed onto us were invaluable”
Jean Crowther Advanced Electrolysis 13/01/14

“Venue and trainer both excellent.”
Carole Fortune ACP 14/01/14

Very informative training (2 days) thoroughly enjoyed it.  Learnt a lot and refreshed on a lot which will help me greatly in the clinic.  Looking forward to part 2 and can’t wait to get some patients in.
Stephanie Finney Advanced 28/1/14

Elaine is an amazing trainer and a credit to Sterex.  I really enjoyed the course and will be back for more training.
Lorraine Scrivener Advanced Electrolysis 28/1/14

Very informative.  I felt very comfortable and feel confident that further advice is available if ever needed.
Lorraine Anico Advanced Electrolysis 28/1/14

 I have learnt a great deal.  Thank you very much I will be back.
Natalie Jackson Advanced Electrolysis 28/1/14

“My passion for electrolysis has been ignited by Sterex.  I have generated 10 new electrolysis clients in one month.  I would recommend Sterex training which was comprehensive (great content) and friendly!”
Emma Hill Advanced Cosmetic Procedures 11/02/14

“Really enjoyed the course.  Found the test a bit hard thou!”
J Lorraine Scrivener Advanced Cosmetic Procedures 11/02/14

“I would recommend Sterex training to others as I have learnt a huge amount and now have much more confidence in Advanced Electrolysis also.  The support you get post training is fab especially if you work on your own.  A second opinion is sometimes what you need.  I will be back for revision!”
Mrs Natalie Jackson Advanced Cosmetic Procedures 11/02/14

“I thought the course was excellent....I think Carolyn is an excellent instructor.  She is extremely knowledgeable and all the information was taught in a clear way.  I have gained tremendously and look forward to putting my new skills to good use in the very near future”
Rachelle Simha Elrich, Sterex VTCT Electrolysis Course 26/03/14

“I am really pleased that Sterex are there to support me in the future with the offer of advice when needed as well as the option of further CPD training.  The quality of their products and training has given me the confidence to start offering a professional electrolysis service as soon as I completed the course.”
Janet Barton, Sterex VTCT Electrolysis Course 26/03/14

 “Fantastic training, vital if you are thinking about Transgender electrolysis”
Abigal Best, Transgender Course 08/04/14

“Very informative and interesting”
Lydia Seymour, Transgender Course 08/04/14

“Thank you, was fantastic”
Carrie Allardyce, Transgender Course 08/04/14

“Great tutor, calm, patient and very knowledgeable!  Thank you for a very pleasant 2 days training.  I feel confident and ready to go!”
Joanna Curry, 2 Day Electrolysis Refresher Course 15/04/14

“I think the trainers are excellent and are a credit to Sterex. Very professional and knowledgeable.  Thank you.”
Lorraine Scrivener, 2 Day Electrolysis Refresher Course 15/04/14

“Exceeded expectation. Very knowledgeable trainer. Fantastic,diverse range of clients.”
Laura Breen, 2 Day Electrolysis Refresher Course 15/04/14

“The day has been refreshing and given me the confidence to know what I’m doing is correct and given me the boost & injected me to go home full of my confidence to move forward & market ACP to bring in more business. Thank you very much.”
Janine Doidge, ACP Refresher course 06/05/14

“Excellent training.”
Leonilla Beck, ACP Refresher course 06/05/14

“I have really enjoyed my advanced electrolysis course. The knowledge of the educators was second to none. The training manuals are well presented and clear to understand. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you.”
Leanda Jones, 2 Day Advanced Electrolysis course 20/05/14

“I don’t think that Sterex needs improving at all as I believe that I have had enough training and information given to me to further my career. Thank you for everything and yes I would definitely recommend this course to others.”
Kimberley Wheatley, 2 Day Advanced Electrolysis course 20/05/14

“Yes would recommend.”
Margaret Winniak, SXB Product knowledge day 09/06/14

“Yes would recommend. Met all our learning expectations and needs.
Julie Davis, Advanced Electrolysis 06/06/14

“Yes, lots of information explained in a way I could easily understand. When needed help or question answered, they were more than happy to help. Thank you.”
Victoria Lacken, Advanced Electrolyis 17.06.14

“I found the refresher Electrolysis training invaluable. Although I had worked previously performing Electrolysis I was slightly nervous about doing it again, especially working for myself. Carolyn was fantastic, I learned so much and felt so much more confident with both the theory and practical parts of the treatment.”
Lois Whitmill, Advanced Electrolysis 17.06.14

 “Yes would recommend it but felt overwhelmed at times, but definitely enjoyed and looking forward to treating clients.”
Faye Brookes, Advanced Electrolysis 17.06.14

“I would recommend Sterex training academy as I thought the training was very good and helped a lot.”
Amy Ryan, Advanced Electrolysis 17.06.14

“Yes, most definitely. Effective training and accompanying theory. Now would very much like to go away and put it into practice.”
Julie Aston, Advanced Electrolysis 17.06.14

“After having completed my VTCT electrolysis with Sterex, I know instantly I wanted/I needed to do my training with them for my advanced electrolysis. Hving completed my advanced part 1 two day course I feel competent to go out into industry to practice. I also now have the bug and want to do more, so would like to do part 2 of my advanced.”
Nichola Armstrong, Advanced Electrolysis 17.06.14

- The course was better and more than I expected
- It helped me to become more confident
- The advanced methods very interesting
- Had plenty of individual attention
- Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Elaine was very knowledgeable and lovely. A very     interesting day, I picked up some useful points.
- Fantastic training
- Have not done this type if training for years but was very inspired at the end    of the course.
 Lecturer workshop at Barnet & Southgate 10.7.14

“I would most definitely recommend this course to others. The teaching and training provided was excellent. I am now sure 100% what career path I want to go down. Advanced Electrolysis is my way forward.”
Gemma Halliday, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“Yes all tutors were very professional & helpful”
Sharon Lowe, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“A professional, motivating course packed with excellent tuition, guidance, support, tricks & tips. Fully prepares you for expanding your skills & business. Thank you!”
Sarah Louise Thomas, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“I would highly recommend Sterex training courses and therapists that would like to further their knowledge.”
Sharon Khan, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“Very professionally organised/ experienced trainers, lots of 1:1 support when working on clients. Maybe to offer an incentive to sign up to part 2 within so many months of part 1. Lots of useful advice and guidance.”
Melanie Dove, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“Keep doing what you are doing. Your passion (Melissa, Carolyn & Elaine) is inspiring. Thank you all.”
Karen Bullen, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“Yes I would recommend Sterex training. You are lovely women, I am so glad I have met all 3 of you, you have inspired me. I hope I can be as good as you all in the future.”
Paige Nowell, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“I would recommend. Te theory was thorough & extensive. More practical experience would have been fab. We were a large group. Melissa & Carolyn were lovely and so helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable.”
Sue Macvicker, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14

“Good professional well run course. The team were very supportive & encouraging. I have learned so much and excited to get started.”
Mina Ward, Advanced Electrolysis 15.07.14
 “Yes, very good & informative.”
Harriet Sharman, Advanced Electrolysis 18.07.14

“I would recommend Sterex training. I found the refresher course most enjoyable and I always learn new treatment techniques, updated information and health & safety.”
Jan Arblaster, A.C.P Course 18.07.14
“Yes I would recommend the course. The course could be a little longer or in 2 modules as there is so much information to take in. Great to find out more about the TG process and just what areas need to be cleared prior to surgery. Definitely recommend other electrologists to do course for knowledge in this specialised market.”
Rachel Hodgson-Bates, Transgender course, 05.08.14

“Would always recommend Sterex for training! Such an interesting course! – A real eye opener, fantastic experience. Only wish I could do another day! I know I will think of so many questions when I get home - will be emailing for more info.”
Genevieve Dean, Transgender course, 05.08.14

“Extremely interesting course. You will meet the most amazing people that have either just started their journey or are well on their way to becoming who they really are.  I have learnt so much and have really found my purpose in life.  I can’t wait to get started!  Thank you Elaine and Tina you are amazing. ”
Lisa Thomson, TG Course 05/08/14

“I wanted to thank you for providing such an interesting and informative course, which I really enjoyed.  Sharing your own experiences and the tips you gave us I found particularly helpful.  Your speakers were fascinating and their frankness gave me a real sense of the incredibly difficult passage these ladies have had to go through. Your models were also lovely, so accommodating and a pleasure to meet and work on. (I could have worked on them all day!).  I hope that in the future, I might be able to make a difference in the lives of such lovely ladies as I met on your course.  Thank you again”
Gail Farmer, TG Course 05/08/2014

“I enjoyed the course very much. Very interesting and informative speakers. Having the educators share their own experiences and tip was particularly helpful. Excellent models provided. The only thing I would have liked would have been a little more time to practice genitalia work. Thank you for such an excellent course.”
Gail Hilton Burrows, TG Course 05/08/2014

“Fantastic course which is an essential procedure which we can add to our treatment menu.”
Martine Louise Jarman, Advanced Electrolysis course 12/08/2014

“Yes, I feel the course gave me all the information needed for industry. Elaine & Carolyn gave very informative theory sessions and great support in practical sessions.”
Hayley Capey, Advanced Electrolysis course 12/08/2014

“Fantastic course, looking forward to ACP part 2 and implementing new skills. Thanks Elaine & Karen.”
Sarah Thomas, Advanced Electrolysis course 12/08/2014

“Would recommend course – it’s excellent.”
Sarah Van Heerden, ACP Refresher course 15/08/2014

“Yes it’s excellent.”
Janet Barton, ACP Refresher course 15/08/2014

“Definitely would recommend.”
Julie Hadall, ACP Refresher course 15/08/2014

“Carolyn was an excellent trainer. She was very enthusiastic and motivating. The delivery was very well planned and informative. Excellent tips picked up for teaching and clients. Thank you.”
Heather Jones, SXB Product knowledge day 18/08/2014

“Excellent training, very professional and informative trainer. I picked up some good tips for future teaching and it was good to reinforce ideas and theory. Enjoyable day!”
Sue Wilson, SXB Product knowledge day 18/08/2014

“I attended a refresher course –My needs were met in a supportive and friendly environment. Clients were provided after a practice session. Practice session could have been longer with a variety of machine settings – this was personal to my needs though!”
Jill Gooch, SXB Product knowledge day 18/08/2014

“I would definitely recommend the Sterex training to others. Electrolysis is a brilliant treatment and would recommend anyone to have this treatment for hair removal, skin tags, cherry angiomas, moles etc. Removal of these can increase people’s confidence amazingly.”
Beverly Anne Brabbins, 1 day Medics Advanced Electrolysis course, 22/08/2014

“I really enjoyed the course and Elaine is a great teacher to work with.  I struggle to take in lots of information over a short period of time but I feel Elaine helped me to understand and offers a really good support network to fall back on.”
Emily Ripley, ACP 09/09/14