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Thinking of Offering Sterex Electrolysis in your Salon/Clinic?

Offering Sterex electrolysis in your salon means:

 You will be offering the best kept secret in the beauty industry
 You will be offering the very best hair removal treatment
 The ONLY PERMANENT method of hair removal legally allowed to claim permanency
 You can treat every skin colour and hair colour and every skin and hair type… in other words you will NEVER have to turn away a client
 You will be offering a gentle, comfortable, effective and modern treatment increasingly popular today
 You will be offering an affordable treatment for your clients
 You will be providing a much needed service that not every salon or clinic can provide due to lack of skill levels
 You will be inundated with enquiries as the knowledge filters out
 You will be honestly fulfilling your promises –Electrolysis Works!
 You will be booking in courses of treatments for regular long term clients
 You will be generating a handsome profit as the needle costs are approx 32p with returns from a minimum of £1 per minute!
 The opportunity of advancement and further lucrative treatments.  You will be able to offer not only hair removal but with the correct training ‘Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’ – the treatment of over 20 skin blemishes using the same machine!
 You will become a Sterex valued customer, you will have invested into the experts, the professionals’ choice, the leading brand offering not only excellent after sales support but with an education portfolio second to none.  
 Own British CE marked Electrical equipment that is extremely reliable requires very little maintenance, no servicing and comes with guarantees   
You will get free advertising on the Sterex website when undertaking training with us


Invest in yourself

Investing in a skill is the most beneficial way of building your business, especially if you are a sole trader.

Many salons purchase expensive ‘latest craze’ equipment along with a long term leasing plan but to regain that money there has to be a lot of client interest in that particular treatment.  But what is there to stop the salon around the corner from buying the very same equipment and undercutting your prices?

When investing in a skill you are standing out from the rest.  Not everyone is capable or qualified in training in new skills.  Therefore the competition is far less.  Once you have paid for the machine and have the qualification there are no further overheads resulting only in profit and you’ll always have that skill for life.  With electrical equipment it requires maintenance and possibly updating at an extra cost, eating into your profit.  

Proficient, experienced electrolysists are few and far between.  Once a client finds a well trained electrolysist they will be very loyal and often recommend.

The challenge of becoming an electrolysist is one of the most satisfying and rewarding challenges in the field of Beauty Therapy yet one of the most difficult in both a theoretical as well as practical sense.

Becoming an electrolysist instills in the therapist a much more indepth understanding of the skin, the endocrine system, the hair and its growth cycle and the psyche of clients than other lesser challenging beauty therapy subjects.  It demands a greater sterilisation and hygiene awareness and therefore helps build a therapist of some repute, one who is respected and revered for her greater skill set by many professionals in the beauty and medical field.  

Becoming an electrolysist allows further development and training of self into performing Advanced Cosmetic Procedure treatments (Advanced Electrolysis) with this added skill set encroaching into the medical field and the challenges, opportunities and financial rewards that this can bring.      
Becoming an electrolysist is basic bread and butter income for your salon and clients attracted initially by this sought after skill often progress onto other treatments.

For further information email us or tel 0121 708 2404