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Student Tips

Practice makes Perfect

Electrolysis is one of the most rewarding subjects in beauty therapy. Now more than ever before, professional electrolysists are a must in every salon performing electrolysis and working alongside the new technology in the war against unwanted hair.

Like any new skill it needs practice and more practice. The more you practice the better you get. The better you get the more you enjoy it. The more you enjoy it the better you will become. The better you become, the more clients you will have. The more clients you have, the richer you will become as well as being able to help clients get rid of their unwanted hair allowing them to become more confident and happy.

Please keep at it. Practice makes perfect.


Lead Care

Inside the accessory leads are very fine copper fibres. If they are too tightly wound up or abused these fibres may break so please ensure they are treated with care and store them either hanging or loosely wound up. Sterex accessories are guaranteed for 6 months. We advise every practitioner to keep spare leads at all times.



Sterex accessories are guaranteed for 6 months. It is recommended spare leads are kept at all times. If the connection is loose they can be very gently manipulated so that the fit is correct.


Needle Holder Resting Station

Sterex machines are designed with a resting station for the needle holder. This is a tight fit for the needle holder when correctly positioned. If your fit is loose try angling the needle holder so that the wide angle is uppermost as you approach the station. This will ensure a tight safe fit. We recommend that the needle is positioned pointing downwards at all times.


Integral Fan Care

Sterex machines have an integral fan designed to allow continuous use without overheating. This must be kept clear at all times. Please do not position the machines on couch roll or towels as small particles may be sucked into the machinery and this may cause the filter to block.


Insertion over index finger 45° angle

When you first start studying electrolysis often you are nervous and to prevent shaking you may be shown how to position your needle holder resting on your index finger. As you progress in your studies and your nerves are steadied please remember to move the index finger away thereby allowing different angles of insertion. If you do not move your finger every insertion will be at a 45° angle which is not good practice and will result in the incorrect angle of insertion for hairs lying flat to the skin.



Sterex has 3 types of tweezers available:

1. OC Tweezers

The True Electrolysist Forceps
Crafted from finest stainless steel
Finely shaped with precise sharp pointed tip

2. Student Tweezers

Crafted from finest stainless steel
Shaped with precise tip

3. Slanted Tweezers

Crafted from finest stainless steel
Angled, slanted tip


Sterex tweezers are high quality fine instruments and should be treated with great care and attention.

In order to achieve a long and effective life from your tweezers we advise that they are not dropped into a sterilising pot tip down. This will often cause the tips to bend, especially the sharp pointed OC and pointed student tweezers.

If placing Sterex tweezers in a pot is absolutely necessary then we recommend a generous portion of cotton wool is placed at the bottom of the receptacle to soften ‘their fall’.

Please ensure the sterilisation fluid and cotton wool is changed for each client.