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Find a Practitioner

Welcome to the Sterex Salon Locator! Sterex are pleased to offer assistance to those wanting to find an electrolysist local to them. However, please be advised that by featuring an electrolysist or company on our website we are not endorising their skills and take no resposibility for the outcome of any treatments received.

> To find your nearest salon simply type in your postcode or a location such as a street name or town and 'Find'

When looking for an electrolysist specialising in Advanced Electrolysis look for the 'ACP' symbol followed by the statement "Sterex trained in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures".

When looking for an electrolysist who will welcome Transgendered clients look for 'TG' symbol. For an electrolysist who has attended the Sterex TG training course it will state "Sterex trained in TG hair removal" followed by the areas they will treat e.g. (f) = face (b) = body and (g) = genitalia.