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Gender Matters to Sterex

Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person feels that they are trapped within the body of the wrong gender. A person with gender dysphoria experiences anxiety, uncertainty and persistently uncomfortable feelings about the gender they were born with. They believe their gender identity is different from their anatomical sex.

Awareness of gender dysphoria is increasing due to growing public awareness. However, many people with gender dysphoria still face prejudice and misunderstanding about their condition. It is estimated that one in 4,000 people in the UK receives medical help for gender dysphoria, which suggests that there are many more people with the condition who have yet to seek help. On average, men are diagnosed with gender dysphoria five times more often than women.

A significant challenge for a trans person is unwanted hair and finding electrolysists who are willing and trained to assist them. To help this situation Sterex pioneered in 2009 the first ever Transgender electrolysis course which today goes from strength to strength enabling a national data base to be built of electrolysists who are willing and able to treat members of the TG community.

Representatives from ‘Gender Matters’ attend every Sterex course to give information and insight in a fun and inspiring way. Sherrie Tomlinson, CEO and Erika Godwin, Chair , who lecture to the NHS, the Police Force and other organisations, gave a fascinating, deeply moving, challenging and all encompassing presentation. Gender Matters a registered charity based in Wolverhampton , provides a comprehensive programme of practical support, counselling, advice and information for anyone with any questions or problems concerning their gender identity, or whose loved ones are struggling with gender identity issues. They are great supporters of Sterex and all we are trying to achieve for the community. As a gesture of goodwill Laurie Cartmell Director of Sterex was pleased to make a donation to the charity in recognition of all their hard work and support .

Laurie Cartmell Director of Sterex
with Sherrie Tomlinson, CEO and Erika Godwin, Chair Gender Matters
Left: Elaine Stoddart, Director of Education Sterex
Right: Tina Sinclair, Trans-Electrolysis Specialist Sterex
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