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Upcoming Events

  • The Beauty Guru & Sterex Talk Transgender Electrolysis @ Professional Beauty North

    Gill Morris will be joining Sam Marshall (The Beauty Guru) speaking at Professional Beauty North on the Monday discussing the benefits of electrolysis when treating Transgender clients.  To book visit:

    Title: Welcoming Transgender clients - treatments & treatment

    When: 19th September - 15.00 -15.50

     Whos speaking: Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru and Gill Morris, Commercial Director, Sterex

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    What’s it about: The Beauty Guru in association with BornUK are talking all things trans. This is a growing market for salons, so attending this lecture is a must to understand how your business can benefit as well as how to attract this new type of client. You will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the specific etiquette involved when treating trans clients, as well as the essential part electrolysis plays in the transition of male to female clients.

  • Sterex Training at the finals of My Face My Body Awards

    To All Our Friends and Loyal Customers,

    Sterex training has made it to the finals of ‘Best Training’ at My Face My Body awards!!!

    The judges commented that they have never seen such a high standard and were very impressed with our entry and supporting evidence.

    Now it’s voting time and YOU will make the difference whether or not we get to dust down our ball gowns or not.

    WE NEED AS MUCH SUPPORT AS POSSIBLE AS NUMBERS EQUAL SUCCESS so please vote, Facebook/social media/tweet away  and work your socks electrolysis deserves recognition.


    Scroll down 18 other categories to get to the Best Training Programme to see our entry and vote.

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