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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • The Beauty Guru & Sterex Talk Transgender Electrolysis @ Professional Beauty North

    Gill Morris will be joining Sam Marshall (The Beauty Guru) speaking at Professional Beauty North on the Monday discussing the benefits of electrolysis when treating Transgender clients.  To book visit:

    Title: Welcoming Transgender clients - treatments & treatment

    When: 19th September - 15.00 -15.50

     Whos speaking: Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru and Gill Morris, Commercial Director, Sterex

    image005 image006

    What’s it about: The Beauty Guru in association with BornUK are talking all things trans. This is a growing market for salons, so attending this lecture is a must to understand how your business can benefit as well as how to attract this new type of client. You will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the specific etiquette involved when treating trans clients, as well as the essential part electrolysis plays in the transition of male to female clients.

  • NEW After Care Powders for Advanced Electrolysis Treatments

    These calamine powders are ideal for after Advanced Electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures treatment after sanitising and when the skin has been blotted dry. The powder is applied in a rolling motion so it ‘fills’ any breaks in the skin, the drying effect of the powder quickens the development of healing scabs which in turn seals the skin and prevents infection. Sold in packs of x6 5ml pots for £3.75, cost one into your treatment fees and give each client a pot to take home to apply to the treated area for 48 hours.

  • Sterex Academy Update - Professional Electrolysis Training

    New look for Sterex Academy, new logo, new decor, even new salonwear tunic for electrolysis professionals complete with logo – very professional!

    Sterex Electrolysis is being overwhelmed with electrolysis training enquiries, now more than ever with the resurgence of electrolysis, and quite simply cannot cope. The Sterex Academy ‘Standards’ and portfolio of courses is being licensed to private training providers known for a passion for electrolysis and quality of delivery. There are already three Sterex Academies and more going through training, however we are looking for more both nationally and internationally so if you would like to see how adding a Sterex Academy License to your business would work then come and see Gill Morris and Christine Hughes at Pro Beauty North - stand B35, Olympia Beauty - stand 102 or email Christine Hughes, Sterex Academy or call 0121 708 4137.

    2 SA Suite practical room 3 SA Suite theory room 5a SA tunic


    Board Room from bottom left: Gill Morris, Laurie Cartmell M.D. and Carolyn Claypole from Sterex, Sophie Carr from LCBT, Brenda Griffin and Teresa Frake from BCI, Odessa Whitehead from YCOB and Christine Hughes Sterex Academy Manager.
    20160822_115632 Practical Room from left: Odessa Whitehead from YCOB, Sophie Carr from LCBT, Brenda Griffin from BCI, Gill Morris Sterex, Teresa Frake from BCI, Carolyn Claypole from Sterex and Christine Hughes Sterex Academy Manager.

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