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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Why Not To Attempt Sebaceous Cyst Removal At Home?

    Sebaceous cysts appear on the skin and resemble a lump which can grow from the size of a small pea to the size of a fist.  They can be caused by a number of factors but there appears also to be a genetic link.  They have liquid contents which are not contagious and are benign. However, there is some confusion about sebaceous cysts and other cysts such as  epidermoid and pilar cysts which all usually get classified together.  The sebaceous cyst is not as common as epidermoid and pilar cysts, but they do resemble each other as they also similarly appear under the skin and area sac that contains liquid or semi liquid substance.

    Epidermoid and pilar cysts usually enlarge at a slower pace compared to sebaceous cysts, which can grow quite quickly. People who suffer from acne or ingrowning hairs are more predisposed to epidermoid cysts, whereas pilar cysts affect more middle aged women and can be hereditary. Whatever the reason for the appearance of the cyst it is unsightly and uncomfortable so a lot of people are tempted to try sebaceous cyst removal at home.

    Of course trying home removal means that a correct identification of what kind of cyst it is, (if indeed it is a cyst at all!) has not been made in the first place.   The internet offers a wealth of interesting suggestions of what to do when you have a cyst and how to remove them.  Some sebaceous cyst treatments Continue reading

  • Facial Thread Vein Removal with Electrolysis

    Facial thread veins are a common problem affecting both women and men.

    There are stigmas and negative connotations associated with facial thread veins often linked with alcohol.  Whilst alcohol is a contributor to these unsightly red blemishes and lines there are many more causes, such as, sunbathing, hormones, allergies, exposure to weather, central heating, hot baths, exercise, the list goes on...  Every time we become hot the superficial capillaries serving the upper layers of the skin dilate to allow heat to escape.  This is known as vasodilation.  The opposite process happens when we become cold; the capillaries constrict keeping the blood flow away from the surface of the skin. This is known as vasoconstriction. These processes ensure our body temperature is regulated.  Over time, as we age, this process causes the capillaries to become permanently dilated and this, combined with the ageing process including the thinning of the skin and the breakdown of supportive collagen network, these capillaries become more visible as distinctive red thread veins.

    Why suffer or spend money on expensive make-up with the aim to conceal? Why waste time to look online for the newest method that promises but probably does not deliver ‘thread vein removal’? How to get rid of veins is a question that many people ponder over. There is a simple, safe and very effective solution to this problem - Electrolysis. Most people know Electrolysis for permanent hair removal and it is an extremely effective for this.  But it is also versatile. Advanced Electrolysis is used for treatment of many skin conditions and blemishes and also for thread vein removalContinue reading

  • Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal Advice

    Have you decided already had electrolysis permanent hair removal?  Have you had a treatment for unwanted facial hair? Here are some tips for: before, during and after electrolysis treatment.

    Before Facial Hair Removal Treatment:

    - You will have to choose carefully the practitioner you are going to have the consultation with. Always look for an accredited professional who has received formal training like the Sterex VTCT Electrolysis Qualification (link to: or who is a member of a professional association.

    - Before the scheduled consultation bear in mind that in order for electrolysis hair removal to be successful the hair has to be a few mm in length so do not pluck the hair in the area that you would like treated. Don’t use any wax or tweezers. If the hair is bothering you and you would like to temporarily get rid of it, then the best recommendation is to cut or if really necessary - shave. This way the hair follicle would not be disturbed, the hair not encouraged to grow and the electrolysis facial hair removal will be possible. Continue reading

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