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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • An Overview on Wart Removal Remedies and Treatment

    Warts are probably the most loathed and unwanted common skin condition that the general public can catch. Wart treatment is very commonly sought after although successful wart removal treatment is not easy to achieve.

    Warts are small lumps that often develop on the skin of the hands face, body and feet and vary quite considerably in appearance.  Most are contagious but the seborrhoeic wart, (a very common brown crusty wart which appears predominantly on the trunk and face), is not contagious and is caused by a combination of hereditary reasons, sun damage and ageing.  All warts are very effectively treated with electrolysis as a wart treatment although there are many other wart removal remedies with Continue reading

  • Age Spots Spotted…What to do? Age Spot Removal

    Age spots are not considered an attractive feature and sufferers are often keen to remove dark spots which appear on the face and hands in particular.  They often present themselves on the skin as we age and because they are linked with ageing are a tell tale giveaway sign that the sufferer is no longer in the full bloom of youth.

    Unlike the lightly freckled face which is often considered attractive, age spots are always associated with old skin, which causes some distress, loss of confidence and sometimes leads, in part, to other psychological problems.  Because of the connotations connected with age spots they are considered cosmetically unattractive and people of all genders, but particularly women, devote a lot of their time to find how to remove dark spots. Continue reading

  • Is Electrolysis Suitable To Do At Home Using Epilators

    Electrolysis is a modern, affordable, effective, successful and safe treatment when performed by an experienced qualified and licensed practitioner using a professional epilator. When performed well and with improvements in technology it has developed into a more comfortable and gentle treatment than ever before.  However it is not a suitable treatment to perform at home and home electrolysis hair removal is not recommended.

    A professional correctly trained experienced electrolysist, armed with a professional epilator, will ensure the highest levels of hygiene, health & safety, professionalism, as well as knowledge and a high Continue reading

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