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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Needle Stick Injuries

    The risk of infection from a needle stick injury is remote. However to minimise any risk Sterex Electrolysis International Limited suggest a number of steps that can be taken. Action needs to be taken immediately and with urgency. In the event of a needle stick injury we recommend the following steps should be followed:

    • Immediately pull off gloves and encourage bleeding to occur at the point of injury by squeezing near the injury thereby encouraging blood flow
    • Immerse area of injury under warm running water as soon as possible, continuing to squeeze the injured area (warm water encourages blood flow, too cold would constrict the flow)
    • Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and dry with disposable towel
      Observe the injury. If required apply antiseptic cream to the area and cover wound to protect
    • Any blood waste should be disposed of in yellow clinical waste bin
    • If continuing treatment apply a fresh pair of disposable gloves before proceeding with treatment. A new needle and freshly sterilised chuck cap should be loaded
    • All injuries should be recorded in accident book
    • Practitioner may wish to visit their Doctor for further advice should they wish to or consider it appropriate

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