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Needle Information

One-piece or two-piece needle?

The decision to use a one-piece or a two-piece needle is very much personal preference and usually based on what electrolysists are familiar with. However by exploring new types of needles the electrolysist gathers more experience and offers the client even greater choice of treatment success. Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to the ‘feel’ of a different needle but perseverance is well worth the rewards that can be achieved for both the practitioner and the client.

The choice of needle directly affects not only the efficiency and success of the treatment but has client comfort levels and skin care considerations.


Two piece needle

Crafted from two pieces of metal offers flexibility, sensitivity and ‘feel’


One piece needle

Crafted from one piece of metal gives a rigidity and robustness

Sterex Two Piece Needle

The two-piece needle provides invaluable ‘follicle feedback’ (essential flexibility and ‘feel’) and will flex when it meets resistance, allowing the electrolysist to re-adjust their probing angle, direction or depth if required in order to achieve the perfect insertion. This is of paramount importance for an effective safe treatment.

Highly experienced one piece needle electrolysists will find using a two piece needle very different because of the flexibility of the needle which causes the needle to bend if the insertion is not totally accurate. However after practice so many one piece needle practitioners become total converts to the Sterex two piece needles.

Sterex One Piece Needle

The one piece needle provides rigidity, this is particularly useful for coarse hair and Advanced Electrolysis treatments, and this is where a rigid needle is required for the purposes of cutting skin or inserting into the skin. Sometimes the one piece rigidity works against us and encourages us to think our insertions are totally accurate when in reality they could be slightly inaccurate.


One Piece


Two Piece


One Piece


Two Piece


The two piece needle gently flexes illustrating to the electrolysist the correct insertion. The one piece rigidity allows no flexing of the needle.
The Two piece needle is a ‘teacher of needles’. It teaches accuracy of insertion- the key element to a successful, effective electrolysis treatment.

Spoilt for Choice

• 2 different shank types - ‘F’ & ‘K’
• 3 different materials used – Stainless steel, Gold & Insulated
• 2 styles - one-piece and two-piece
• 2 lengths - short and regular (Two Piece only)
• 6 sizes - varying in diameter from 2 to 6 (plus 10 for advanced work)

Needles are manufactured with different shank sizes the ‘F’ shank is greater in diameter than the ‘K’ shank, which is used mostly by countries in the Far East and parts of Europe.

The wide variation of needles is to achieve optimum effectiveness, safety and client comfort.