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Consumer Testimonials

I have now had several treatments in electrolysis hair removal and I am really noticing a huge improvement in the density and strength of my hair growth. I am delighted with the results and looking forward to the day when I am hair free. I find the treatment comfortable and wish I had known about it years ago.

Janet, Birmingham


Thanks to electrolysis I now have only the very finest blondest hair growth remaining which is disappearing rapidly. I am so pleased with the results and now do not feel the slightest bit embarrassed as I used to.

Brigid, Solihull


I am so pleased with my electrolysis treatment on my eyebrows. My eyebrow hair used to be strong and coarse and now the few remaining hairs are really fine and sparse. What a great treatment. Thank you.

Maureen, Solihull


I had a unibrow but found the answer with electrolysis offering permanent hair removal.

Brian, Slough


I am in the entertainment business and perform a successful drag act. I wanted my beard area treated which can be a little painful (well I am a man!) but well worth it for PERMANENT hair removal. I noticed a difference after only five treatments and I am looking forward to the future when I do not have to shave at all. I would recommend other men to try electrolysis.

Paul, Birmingham


I have had electrolysis on my toes and am very pleased with the results.

Veronica, Halesowen


I had treatment for several years on my upper lip and I am now completely hair free and have been for years. Electrolysis works, try it - I did and I have never looked back.

Anne, Buckinghamshire


For the past five years I have been shaving daily my upper lip and chin; one day however, being pushed for time I forgot my “God” the razor, and during my nursery class, one of my students said to me “Teacher, your face feels just like my dads”, my heart sank and I began to withdraw from social events, so much so I became a hermit. Covering most of my face with a polo jumper when I had to go out, I cried because I felt so ashamed of my very dark facial hair, then I got liberated! Freedom from within. Epilation came into my life!!

Today I can once again smile with confidence, my self esteem has been lifted, my self worth much improved, all thanks to caring, loving students, willing to come to my rescue and make me feel beautiful once again.

I lived with the problem of facial hair for years; in fact I became quite skilled with a pair of tweezers. Then a friend of mine told me about electrolysis. However, I had a phobia of needles and it was only my impending marriage that finally made me take some action. Now that I have overcome my fear I can practically fall asleep during treatment. It is a very relaxing environment and the therapist’s competence and professionalism quickly alleviated my anxieties and helped me to understand the condition of hirsutism.

I have had quite extensive treatment and it has caused no skin damage or scarring. In fact my skin is much smoother since I ceased my daily session with the dreaded tweezers.

Florence, Northern Ireland


For many difficult years I had dismissed the idea of seeking professional help in the form of electrolysis, but having braced myself for what I had (foolishly) built up in my head as an ordeal of embarrassment, I made my first appointment. I need not have worried.

From the first moment, the therapist made me feel comfortable; her professionalism and amiable manner put me at ease from the start. I could not believe it! Why had I not decided on this plan of action years before?

Annie, Northern Ireland