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Be skin cancer aware this summer - as easy as ABCDE

sca habia logoThe HSA's Skin Cancer Awareness (SCA) campaign aims to encourage hair and beauty professionals to play their part in identifying the early symptoms of skin cancer through their role in working closely with clients.


The five steps of the ABCDE are:

A - Asymmetry: The two halves of the area may differ in their shape
B - Border: The outside edges of the area may be irregular or blurred, and sometimes show notches or look ragged
C- Colour: This may be uneven and patchy; different shades of black, brown and pink may be seen
D- Diameter: Most, but not all, melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter. Advise your client to report any change in size or diameter to their doctor
E- Expert: Look out for change, and check it out. Anyone can get a suspicious mole or patch of skin looked at free of charge through the NHS or by visiting their GP.

Sterex support the HABIA campaign which seeks to increase the awareness of skin cancer. Education regarding the various types of Skin cancers is an integral part of the Sterex Advanced Electolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures courses. Click here for more information.

Alternatively, for more information, email the SCA campaign direct on , or go to