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Professional Testimonials


"There is not a day that goes by when we do not have an electrolysis client. The difference it has made to so many peoples lives by having this treatment is amazing. I often treat 7 people a day and that’s personally - not even counting the other 5 therapists at my salon. It is wonderful to see the confidence people gain from having this treatment it can make them a new person."

Anne Hillier & Ann Marie Price

‘Elizabeth Anne’ Salon, Wales


"I have practiced electrolysis for over 17 years and have seen dramatic changes in customers I have treated. The pleasure you receive when a person has regained confidence is a reward that makes this treatment a BIG hit!

Electrolysis has been used successfully in my salon for years and is highly regarded (when you see the results you can achieve for a few minutes each week).

Even with new technology evolving such as IPL and Laser, Electrolysis is still needed to treat fine and light coloured hairs (that IPL does not touch).

With the right practitioner and regular trips electrolysis is still one of the top contenders for effective hair removal."

Anita Byrne

The Health & Beauty Spot


"Electrolysis works in our salon. I would say we mainly use short wave diathermy but we also have Blend – which is popular with the more sensitive clients.

We use electrolysis with facial waxing combined and its most popular with clients wanting to walk out hair free from the salon."

Joy Bodington

La Fragrance


"Blend machine is very comfortable for client. I have had clients who have had other machines used on them and are amazed at how pain free the Blend machine is."

Linda Bridgland

The Beauty Spot


"I clearly remember panicking when laser treatment became accessible to all. I thought it would have an adverse effect on my electrolysis business, but quite the contrary, it actually increased (and continues to) my electrolysis business due to the high profile given to hair removal. Combined with the affordability of electrolysis in comparison to laser the client can’t go wrong!"

Rebecca Mihalceanu

Beaute of Royal Tunbridge Wells


"Electrolysis is great because it works!"

Jo Fry

Body & Soul Clinic


"Great results can be achieved with electrolysis for those unwanted hairs. A course of treatment can greatly reduce the strength and quantity of unsightly hairs. Working at the client’s own level and requirement electrolysis can be a satisfying worthwhile treatment."

Tessa Pitt

The Beauty Clinic at Rochester Lodge Consulting


"30 years of making a good to rich living – endless clients and good friends made when clients go on to area – after area. So they become part of your world."

Linda Swadling

Beauty Box


"We have had some excellent results with electrolysis at the college with students following client progress with great interest and client satisfaction."

Mary Czolij

Barnfield College


"The SX-B is great and I am working with the blend now and had great results."

Jillia Malek-Mohammadi

Cayman Islands


"It works on every type of hair. It is an on going treatment but it is the only tried and tested treatment that really shows results. The only treatment you can really vouch for results. Very economical in comparison to Laser and Soundwave and IPL."

Neelu White

Neelu Beauty & Remedial Salon


"As Chair of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis I know very well that electrolysis is far from a ‘dying art’. It is the mainstay of my 20 year old business in Glasgow city centre employing 9 staff. We are open 7 days a week and around 80% of our workload is electrolysis. My clinic offers IPL treatment as well as electrolysis but we still have much more demand for electrolysis."

Helen Graham MBIAE. CRE.

About Face Glasgow's Premier Electrolysis, IPL & Beauty Clinic


"I have been using electrolysis for over a year now and seen fantastic results with both electrolysis for hair removal and the advanced technique and had some very pleased clients. I have always seen results and never had an unhappy client."

Kat Merrony



"I have been an electrologist for over 18 years and in that time have treated so many clients with excess hair problems. The results that have been astounding, changing people’s appearance dramatically and bringing with that a deep renewal of self confidence. I have worked also with IPL treatments, and in my opinion electrolysis is the far superior method of hair removal for facial hair, bringing much better results for the client.

Yes, it can be painstakingly slow, but with client perseverance as well as accurate probing from the electrologist, it is a treatment that can change clients’ life completely. I cannot recommend it enough!"

Sarah Hurst


"I have an NVQ3 in Beauty Therapy but decided not to take the electrolysis module as I was a bit scared. I have now decided to train in electrolysis as so many people have been asking me for the treatment"

Lisa Kinniburgh


"SEEC (Sterex Electrolysis Entrepreneurial Course) delivered. I haven’t looked back since completing the Sterex training. I love doing the treatments and now have a team of 12 therapists working for me. For me it has really been a case of SEEC – and you shall find."

Sarah Yeomans


"Having begun my electrolysis training with a phobia of blood and needles – causing me to faint on my first insertion – I persevered to attain a distinction in my City & Guilds which gave me so much confidence. That was 28 years ago – and since then I have never looked back – treating countless clients with immense success. It is so rewarding when a client regains their pride and improved self-image in the knowledge that a long-term hair growth problem can be improved and controlled with eventual total reduction. I so love being able to support and help people with this long term proven treatment to permanently remove unwanted hair."

Melissa Sharpe HND BABTAC

Melissa Health & Beauty Clinic